Gift Horseshoe

Genuine Engraved Horseshoes & More

Gift Horseshoe is a division of The Horseshoe Store & More which has been making quality horseshoeing tools, GMG all-natural products and gifts since 1978.  It was back then the company supplied farriers, also known as horseshoers and blacksmiths with all their needs.  Then there were regular customers  asking for "good luck" horseshoes.

Artist/Designer and proprietress, Janet Bernson  decided she would try her hand at polishing and engraving the steel horseshoes.  She also created special items for her entertainment industry clients.  Her designs were a great success.

Nowadays entertainment clients order these good luck charms for "start, wrap and congrads you've been nominated for an Emmy or Oscar" gifts, while real estate agents gift these to new home buyers.  And what better way to wish a new couple your best wishes than a lucky horseshoe, specially engraved with their name on it?

New Job, New Life, New Venture, name it, you won't go wrong with a beautiful horseshoe to hang over a door, hold papers on a desk...the possibilities are endless.

And if you want something different, contact us for design services.